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Lou Zant

Chief Business Development Officer

Lou Zant

Lou is a true marketing and branding pioneer and the Current Red Frog Chief Business Development Officer. The collection of business experiences that Mr. Zant brings to the modern marketplace spans a wide range of industries including fashion, wellness, and several technology-based ventures.

During his nearly 40 years of doing business, Mr. Zant has taken three companies to more than $100 million in sales in their first year, and created several brands that are household names. Mr. Zant cofounded Patch Work Jeans, which later became Brittania Jeans Co. After only a few short years, Brittania Jeans grew to $900 million in annual sales. The growth and success of his first venture in fashion created key relationships in the fashion industry which would later help to advance the career and brand of a new designer on the scene: Calvin Klein. Mr. Zant’s contributions to the brand catapulted sales of Calvin Klein to $450 million within his first two years.

Founder of the Wine Ambassador, CEO and Chairman of That Marketing Solution,Inc., Co-Founder/Director NexBoom Universe, Marketing Consultant for Well Med Global, Chief Marketing Officer for Day One, Co-Founder and Director of Tabulous Cloud, Inc., Co-founder of Net Touch Communications, Co-founder of Quorum International, CEO of GoSolutions, Inc.

By the mid-1980’s, Mr. Zant started expanding his interests, and in 1986, Mr. Zant combined his passion for health with his business savvy to found five schools of holistic medicine. By 1990, these schools were the second largest institution of this type in all of North America. Soon after the successful sale of these schools, Mr. Zant was appointed to serve on the United Nations as the Director of Corporate Mobilization, Telecommunications & Internet Infrastructure.

Lou has learned a lot of value in his storied career as a serial entrepreneur and CEO, and as a Baby Boomer who is inventing the second half of his life, he understands priorities better than ever. Lou believes that it is the people he gathers around him in his life that give life the deepest meaning.

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