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Writing a City Category Page

Writing a City Category Page

Writing a City Category Page
Writing a City Category Page

This Category Article page that we refer to as the "City page," will be duplicated across all other City pages. Once completed, this article will obviously have more duplications, because there will be more City pages than State pages. The City page should also be approx 750 words, written as another "spin" of the State Category Page, although with more detail and unique links and images..

Be sure to create a good headline to this article that has relevant keywords, describes the category, and is also "inviting." This City page is geo-targeting a particular City (sometimes County, School District, or Community), so keep this in mind when creating your headers (example: "Wilderness Therapy For San Diego, CA Teens" or "Getting Published in Dallas, TX.") Note: Replace the "City" with ~region~, this is a generic code that fills in the "City" name across all other City pages.

Find Sources for Your Article Information

Find two external links as sources for the information you provide. Government (.gov) and Education (.edu) websites have a lot of authority with Google. However, finding a good source page to "associate" your website with for "classification" purposes, is more important (example: Writing Childrens Books would want to link to SCBWI, not sites like Toys-R-Us).

Be sure to begin the article with a meta description of 155-160 characters. After this, it's good to keep the first section (paragraph(s) of 250-300 words) general, and touching on all the main topics. Try your best to follow the writing format seen below.

Something that is unique about the City page category article is the need for alternate intro's. Because the City pages will be duplicated hundreds of times across all the City regions created, we are faced with the problem of "duplicate content." Google frowns upon this, and will diminish the reach in search results if caught. 

To avoid this, we ask that you write five alternate intro's for the City page. Adhering to the same format seen above, simply rewrite the 250-300 word first section so that we can add variety to these City category articles (depending which area of the State the particular City is located. example: North, South, West, Central, East).

The remaining 500 words should stay on the topic established in the first section. It's good to break up the remaining portion of this article into 2-4 more sections, thus allowing you to include additional SEO-friendly headers into the article. This City article should go into even more detail about the subject of the category (example: "Some experiences and testimonials of people who have experienced the group home," "Authors who have been published, and how it has changed their lives," or "Therapists that work in wilderness therapy, and why they think this type of therapy is best"). It's also a good idea to include another "call to action" to close out this article.

On-Page Architecture For City Category Article

Template for City page

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