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What Are Backlinks and How They Get Better Performance

What Are Backlinks and How They Get Better Performance

What Are Backlinks and How They Get Better Performance
What Are Backlinks and How They Get Better Performance

Check backlinks graphHow would you like to double or triple the amount of clients you’re bringing in every month without spending a penny out of your pocket? Sounds too good to be true, right? What if something so simple as a few clicks of a button could make that big of a difference to your business? You’d be ridiculous not to take advantage of the opportunity wouldn’t you? You need to take your online marketing seriously so you can be more successful.

Free backlinksWhat business doesn’t like more clients? There’s one thing you can do to improve your website authority and generate more traffic… and it’s called acquiring “backlinks!” If used correctly, backlinks can take your online marketing to the next level. Your competitors might be taking advantage of this simple solution—and it’s free!


Check Backlinks To Your site

Buy quality backlinksLet me explain how this works. Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. The number of relevant backlinks (industry related) is an indication of the popularity or importance of your website. The more, the merrier. Backlinks are important for SEO because search engines, especially Google, gives more prominence to websites that have a good number of high-quality backlinks. Google will consider your website more relevant than others because backlinks build EAT (expertise, authority, and trust). This is your golden opportunity. You look better to Google; the Internet Gods hand you more traffic. It’s that easy.

How to get backlinksSo what kinds of backlinks are going to drive your SEO? You don’t just want a large quantity of links from any old site, in fact that can actually hurt your rankings more to have a large amount of backlinks from low-quality sites.

To break it down, when the search engines calculate the relevance of a website for any given keyword, they consider the number of quality inbound links to that site. A search engine will take into consideration the type and quality of content of the inbound link’s site to determine the quality of the backlink.

How To Get Backlinks

Edu backlinksIn a nutshell, if the inbound links have related content to your site, it’s more relevant. Just the opposite for sites that are linked to yours with non-relevant content… The higher relevance of the inbound link, the greater their quality. This boosts you higher in search engine ranking showing your business as a leader in your field. Your traffic soars and so does your business. It’s as easy as that.

Find backlinksHow do you get backlinks and where should you start looking? You need to get backlinks from your friends (businesses and organizations) in the same business field, as well as other local businesses. You need to reach out to those people who you already know and love. You want to talk to people who respect you, your business, and would be willing to help. Plus, you can help their business by giving a reciprocal backlink to their website.

How To Create Backlinks

More specifically, you need to get backlinks to your website from all your business and professional friends. Some ideas are; Business consultants, Schools, Hotels to whom you refer people, professionals that you work with, service providers, repair companies, Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, or anyone that has a professional and credible website that you work or associate with. Most importantly, you need to start contacting folks who are willing and able to give you backlinks to your website.

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